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Radio Tuning and Alignment Service

Ensure your radio is operating at peak performance!

Radio Alignment

What is a radio alignment?

Proper alignment ensures that your radio is fine-tuned to operate on the exact frequency it is programmed for. For example, a misaligned radio may be programmed to transmit at 154.0000 MHz when in reality it is transmitting at 154.0100 MHz. The difference between the desired transmit frequency and actual transmit frequency must be minimized to the smallest possible amount.

How do I know if I need an alignment?

The signs of a misaligned radio may not always be obvious. For this reason, the Motorola Service Manual officially recommends “the reference oscillator should be checked every time the radio is serviced, or once a year, whichever comes first”. Signs of severe misalignment include poor coverage, garbled audio and clipped transmissions.

What does ProgramMyRadio.com offer?

As part of our Alignment Service, we measure your radio’s output on test frequencies and adjust the transmitter so that it is as accurate as possible. Power output levels are also measured and adjusted so that your radio is operating at maximum output levels. Additionally, various balance levels are measured and set so that your radio can operate accurately on all the frequencies it is designed for. Lastly, we adjust the receiver portion of your radio to its maximum sensitivity levels to improve your reception.

Full Tuning / Alignment Service for just $99 per radio. FREE shipping included!