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It's easy! Here's how our service works...

  1. Complete the Online Order Form and send us your radio
  2. Review the final programming report that we send via e-mail (see sample report)
  3. We ship back your radio fast using FedEx

Which ordering option is right for you?

Option #1 - If you are not sure what your specific frequencies are, have questions, or need advice...

Send us an e-mail at Customer.Service@ProgramMyRadio.com. Let's talk about how you want your radio setup. By telling us how you use your radio, we can suggest various setup configurations. We can easily get frequency and tone information from your Minitor pager and/or existing station radio.

Option #2 - If you already know your frequencies...

Click the button below to place an order. The ordering process is divided into 5 easy steps:

  1. Frequency / Channel List
  2. Grouping Channels Into Zones
  3. Scan List(s)
  4. MDC Identifier(s)
  5. Pager Channel(s)

Note: We do not program radios for 700/800 MHz operation or for trunking radio systems.

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Our Professional Programming Packages
Price $49.99 $69.99 $119.99 $179.99
Discounts - - Discounts
Channels Up to 8 Channels Up to 16 Channels Up to 48 Channels Up to 128 Channels
Scan Lists - 1 Scan List 3 Scan Lists 8 Scan Lists
Pager Channels - - 1 Pager Channel 3 Pager Channels
MDC Identifiers - Transmit & Receive Transmit & Receive Transmit & Receive
Reference Oscillator Alignment - - Included Included
Return Shipping Add $9.99 Add $9.99 FREE FREE

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Available Discounts

$15 Off - Firefighters, EMTs/Paramedics, Law Enforcement, and Search & Rescue

$10 Off - American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Members

$5 Off - Any Returning Customer

Note: Maximum of 1 discount per customer per order. Proper identification required.

Optional Add-ons

$15 - Firmware Update for Standard Radios

$120 - Licensed Firmware Update for MCS/MTS, XTL/XTS, and SABER/SPECTRA radios

$99 - Full Tuning & Alignment Service

Our online ordering system is currently undergoing maintenance.

Start your order by emailing Customer.Service@ProgramMyRadio.com or calling toll free 484-619-3221.