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Expert Programming for Motorola Radios

We program a wide range of Motorola models...

APX Series Astro Series CDM Series CM Series CP Series
EX Series GM Series GP Series HT Series JT Series
Maxtrax Series M Series MCS Series MT Series MTS Series
MTX Series P Series PM Series PR Series Saber Series
Spectra Series SP Series SRX Series SSE Series Visar Series
XPR Series XTL Series XTS Series    

Don't see your model listed? Send us an e-mail and tell us which model radio(s) you need programmed.

*All mobile radios require a pre-order consultation. Contact us via e-mail before sending these radios.

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Our Programming Services Include

Basic Frequency Programming

Includes programming of channel name, RX/TX frequency, and PL/DPL with choice between wide or narrow-band. RX-only setup available. Limited to conventional (non-trunking) systems.

Channel-to-Zone Assignments

Channels will be grouped into specific zones as requested by customer.

Scan Lists

Scan lists define which other channels your radio will scan for transmissions when a particular channel is selected.

MDC Signaling

Commonly used to identify radios, this four-character hexadecimal value is transmitted before and/or after every transmission. These signals are often heard as a "chirp" and values displayed on radios receiving the transmission.

Pager Channel Setup

Customers can have their radio programmed to alert just like a Motorola Minitor pager.

Button Assignments

Customers can specify which functions they would like assigned to the various buttons on their radio.

Firmware Updates (available for most radios)

Firmware is the underlying software that makes your radio function. Motorola often releases bug-fixes and feature enhancements when firmware is revised. Up-to-date firmware often increases the sale price of used radios. We perform full firmware updates using a licensed Motorola-original FLASHkey refresh iButton where applicable.

Radio Cloning

We can clone the identical final configuration to other radios you send as part of the same order, provided they are the same exact model number.

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